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What We Do

Tanzed's focus up to the end of 2016 has been to:

  • provide a renovated nursery class in each of the twenty schools in which TanzED works
  • provide an outdoor play area in each of the twenty schools in which TanzED works
  • provide training for nursery and library teachers
  • to develop the school management programme to include head teacher leadership training
  • to increase parental understanding of the importance of education by involving parents in school activities
  • provide computer laboratories and computer literacy training in key schools
  • develop a more reliable system to monitor registration and attendance figures in nursery and standard one classes

    Outdoor Play 2014

    Many changes have taken place in Tanzanian Education Policy since the elections in 2015 and these have been incorporated into the new "School Development Programme" being implemented from 2018 onwards.

Although the Strategic Objectives of TanzED remain the same:

  • To create a safe, stimulating and positive environment enabling children to better understand their world and to develop their potential to be more equipped to contribute their part in the community
  • To increase access so that all children have the opportunity to start and complete the education that is their right
  • To enhance teacher skills through an improved learning environment helping toward increasing confidence and morale for teachers thus improving the learning experience for children
  • To develop an integrated fund raising programme to enable development and independence thus creating a sustainable organisation
  • To strengthen capacity in order that the activities identified to fulfil our mission may be delivered to create maximum impact

some new activities to achieve these have been incorporated into a new, exciting programme.

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