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School Development Programme

During 2018 Tanzed has continued to provide workshops for nursery and standard one teachers, the first two classes in primary schools in the use of outdoor play equipment. We have also continued to provide head teacher leadership training and have been working with the newly formed school committees in ten schools.

Throuhg pilot studies, discussions with staff, teachers, parents and pupils, we have explored ways to increase parents' understanding of the importance of education and to develop awareness of the benefits of positive reinforcement in disciplining and rewarding children, both in school and the home.

Having spent many years working within the village schools, Tanzed has developed an excellent relationship with the local communities, government education officers and teachers and broken down some of the barriers between parents, schools and local officials. Tanzed is in a unique position to work to offer practical solutions through our projects, to sensitive issues to ensure more of the most marginalised children in remote rural areas of Morogoro access school and complete the education which is their right.

Our three new projects:

School Management, Safe Children and Libraries for All are commencing in 2019.

Details of each project will be available soon.

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Supporting primary school children in Tanzania