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School Management

In rural Tanzania parental involvement in their children's schooling generally involves little more than the initial enrolment procedure, parents believing education to be the domain of the authorities.

Tanzed's school management project concentrates on raising awareness amongst parents, teachers and community members of the importance of education thus empowering them to participate in the decisions made about their local schools.

We hold regular workshops and seminars to help all members of the community learn about their roles, duties and responsibilities. We are encouraging community members to participate in maintaining school buildings and to help produce resources for schools using locally sourced materials.

By inviting parents into schools for sports events, open days and parents meetings, parents are more inclined to ensure their children are enrolled in school and complete their education.

Following new Government guidelines announced at the end of 2016 on the formation of School Committees, Tanzed has been working with the committees to ensure implemetaion of the guidelines during 2017 and 2018.
This work will continue throughout 2019.

More to follow soon!

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