Supporting primary school children in Tanzania

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Welcome to Tanzed

Tanzed UK works in partnership with TanzED in Tanzania with twenty one rural government primary schools and their local communitiesin the Morogoro region. We design and deliver programmes with local community members to ensure as many children as possible enrol in school and complete the education to which they are entitled.

Over the years we have worked on various projects, through our HIV programme we reached over 3,000 children in schools helping to overcome the stigma surrounding HIV and educating community members regarding prevention and treatment of AIDS. Over fifty of the most marginalised primary school children received sponsorship to attend secondary school and ICT training and computer rooms have been provided in some schools through another partner organisation UCDVO working directly with TanzED in Tanzania.

We have created well resourced, stimulating environments in ten libraries, twenty nursery classes and twelve outdoor play areas. We have provided training for teachers and strengthened relationships between schools, their communities and local education officials. We have improved leadership skills for head teachers and facilitated exchange visits for UK and Tanzanian teachers.

Our focus now is to ensure our achievements are sustainable and to work even more closely with the most vulnerable children in the communities through our three new projects:

------"Safe Children" ------"Libraries for All" -------"School Management"

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Supporting primary school children in Tanzania