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Msimba Library

Msimba Primary School is about 7km from Mikumi Town, where Tanzed has been working in six other schools, three in the town and two in more remote areas for the last 22 years. Msimba is off the main tarmac road, busy with heavy lorries on the way to Malawi and Zambia. There are currently 520 pupils with 7 teachers, 3 men and 4 women, there are 7 classrooms, all needing renovation, a head teachers office and staff room and three teacher's houses.

65% of children live locally to the school, but 20% of pupils live between 4-8km from school and so have to walk and 15% live as far as 9-30 km from school. These children get to school by asking for lifts on trucks and vehicles that ply the Dar-Zambia highway. With no school buses this is the only way to get to school, although sometimes dangerous and a risk for their safety. Msimba village is estimated to have about 3,000 residents. Their main activities are subsistence agriculture. With over 60% of residents living around the school area, they can access and use the school library for opportunities to learn, access books and newspapers, receive training and hold meetings.

It has been proved the world over that reading books and using libraries is one of the core sources of knowledge and learning. Due to its remote location, the children and their parents and teachers at Msimba primary school will greatly benefit from new library.A classroom has been allocated for the library and we are ready to start the renovation in April. We already have funding to start the work but are hoping our appeal for this project will secure enough to complete the library by the summer.

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