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Tanzed, a UK based registered charity no:1064659, was founded in 1997, formerly known as Joint Co-operation Tanzania, sending volunteer teachers from the UK to work alongside teachers in government primary schools in rural Tanzania. The charity was reformed as Tanzed in 2020 when our work quickly developed into more general support of primary education by working on a number of other projects in the schools and local community.

Tanzed has an agreement of cooperation with the Tanzanian government to work in government primary schools and chose to work in rural areas, some remote, so as to reach the members of the community with the greatest need. Working alongside our sister organisation TanzED, in each seven year school cycle, working in twenty one government primary schools, we have reached approximately 15,000 children and 200 teachers.

As a result of Tanzed's research carried out in 2011, funded by Comic Relief, we found that over 30% of children do not complete their primary schooling. The research identified two major priorities -- to improve the learning environment and increase awareness amongst communities of the importance of education and every child's right to it.

We began working with community members and parents with more emphasis on activities outside the classroom our vision remaining the same:

"Every child in Tanzania accesses high-quality community schooling, in a safe, positive and stimulating environment that gives them the ability to understand their world and fulfil their potential".

Tanzania has developed fast, over the last five to ten years, many areas where we work are now becoming more urbanised. We have continued to adapt our projects to ensure we reach the more remote, rural schools to ensure those who are most vulnerable get the support they need.

Tanzed has always envisaged a time when it's work will be done, with the rapid changes developing within Tanzania and our achievements made during the last ten years we have recently reduced the number of schools in which we work to concentrate our activities within three project areas:

  • "LIbraries for All"
  • "Safe Children"
  • "School Management"

HOWEVER, DUE TO COVID -- 19 and the impact it has had on our ability to secure long term funding, we are no longer able to guarantee our continued support. Over the next six months we will aim to complete a third "Library for All" facility in Msimba Prinary school in Mikumi and complete a major evaluation report of our work. We will offer our assistance through remote learning and support with seeking funding within Tanzania and within the wider commnuity, working alongside other organisations supporting TanzED in the short term.

Research Report: Education for All -- Rhetoric or Reality?
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