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We work with parents, pupils, head teachers, teachers, committee members and community members from a number of primary schools. We have provided training and resources to enable children to access and complete their schooling. We have secured funding for our projects both in the UK and Tanzania to ensure this valuable work continues in the more remote, rural parts of Tanzania where the most marginalised children don't always get the education which is their right.

Over the years we have achieved a great deal through various projects:

  • Our HIV programme reached over 3,000 children in schools helping to overcome the stigma surrounding HIV and educating community members regarding prevention and treatment of AIDS.
  • Over sixty of the most marginalised primary school children received sponsorships to attend secondary school.
  • We have created well resourced, stimulating environments in ten libraries, twenty nursery classes and twelve outdoor play areas.
  • We have provided training for teachers and strengthened relationships between schools, their communities and local education officials.
  • We have improved leadership skills for head teachers and facilitated exchange visits for over one hundred UK and Tanzanian teachers.
  • We have run interactive training sessions for parents in early child development and anger management.
  • We have empowerd community members to take ownership of their schools to provide porridge, effective school committees and introduce environmental projects to create sustainable incomes for the schools.

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