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The Library Project is one of our longest running projects, the first being provided in 2001 by a volunteer teacher who returned to Mikumi Primary school for a second year. We have since provided funding for renovations, furniture, books, other learning resources and training for libraries in ten schools.

Each Tanzed library has two library teachers and a library committee made up of a teacher and pupils from different standards that supervise library lessons and maintain the library and resources. Slow learners and children with special needs have opportunities to receive individual tuition. Activities practiced throughout the year culminate in the annual library competition involving all schools.

Library progress is monitored by our Field Coordinator, who regularly visits the libraries with his two assistants, supporting the centres through introducing new ideas, facilitating library workshops, where library teachers from different schools can get together and share ideas. In addition, he organises inter school competitions, which motivate teachers and students to keep using their libraries and to maintain equipment. The final stage of the library competition is an opportunity for parents and community members to visit the school and witness their children's achievements and talents.

One of Tanzed's main aims over the years has been to break down some of the barriers between parents, school and local officials, and over time Tanzed has developed excellent relationships within the local community and with government education officers. To futher develop these relationships, in 2019, Tanzed began its "Libraries for All" project to encourage parents into the school grounds to enjoy the benefits of the library, involving parents in deciding which resources they would like in the library. By involving parents in this way it is hoped they will be more keen to use the libraries and ensure their children attend school.

Our inital aim was to provide a new library in the three main areas in which we work which can then be duplicated throughout the clusters of schools. Having provided the funding for two libraries, one at Iwemba Primary school and one at Mang'ul A Primary School we are now working hard to secure funds for a library at Msimba Primary School in the Mikumi region. We have some funding and hope to secure it all by June this year!

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